Well designed common collaborative code frameworks with simple main principles : heavy focus on typical code reuse, ultra minimalistic, lightweight and highly efficient, extendable

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ReUse frameworks

Since most recent programming languages open source codes are not well designed, we decided to make a Well designed common collaborative code frameworks with simple main principles :

heavy focus on typical code reuse
designed to be a common code library
ultra minimalistic standard names
well defined comments
allow to use extensions based on core framework
lightweight and highly efficient
standard common languages base types support with extensions to custom language types

Currently we have got a .NET implementation with a little bit of base common code just as an example. Once overall framework properties are ready - it will be easy to port it to other languages (both base and specific, platform dependent code parts). The main goal is to supply common modern languages - all .NET languages, C++, C, Java, Javascript.

The Use of ReUse

With this scheme in mind, ReUse is already connected to standard libraries to get you the complete fast start with all standard functions in a unified really useful and minimalistic style.

To get something special you will need just to add some 3d party libraries and use their code using standard ReUse practices - run any code with specified contexts.

How do you benefit from using ReUse in order to get rid of routine when coding :

use standard way to manage apps
do not spend your time on common routine tasks - focus on your target tasks instead
create a common minimal coding style to increase apps source code readability
manage data from your app processes - logs, errors, info, performance stats

It is ideal as for the beginners in code - so they are able to focus on special tasks, as far as for an experts - so they are able to use common standard reusable blocks to speed up their performance.

And of course everyone will get benefits from common code re use methodology :

no more errors / typos in standard code
clean and efficient well documented code source
access to all common apps functions

Contribute to ReUse

This task will require a lot of work, so your help would be highly appreciated. We will need almost everyone - from web-designers and graphics experts (to prepare sites and marketing materials) to content managers, social media groups administrators and promoters, testers, code and security experts, discussions boards administrators and managers an so on.

If you are skilled enough and want to train your coding skills (in almost any platform) with really challenging attitude - contact us - there is a lot of work to do. You are graduated (or graduating) in coding/it/projects management and want to practice some modern coding style - let us know. You would like to create stunning infografics materials/presentations or great logo styles/design - let us know.

Your help would be also enlisted in special Titles list (just same as in the movies) - so you will get involved in the history of the project.

Also I guess we would need some financial aid to make it all floating and riding - so sales persons, project managers, security experts are welcome too. In the future, if everything will go just fine - we will make a special private Pro expert versions with additional expert level functions (only to true professionals) - so it would be possible to monetize it a little bit.

So if you want to participate in this project - let us know. If you like the idea - just spread a good word about it.